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2008+ / Employee of MasterStudio (Mantova / Italie).
Creation of graphics and multimedia for corporate communication.
2008 / Employee of Mabe Communication (Verona / Italie).
Creation of graphics and multimedia for corporate communication.
2004-2007 / Employee of the Studio I&T (Rivarolo Mantovano / Italie).
Creation of corporate animated sequences and spots TV using Flash and AfterEffects, web design.
2002-2003 / Employee of Crocodile (Chambéry/France).
Participation to various museography projects. Conception and realization of video graphics. Creation of animated sequences using Flash and AfterEffects for various museography projects.
Direction and animation of the personal short film "Dugommier, force de vente".
2001 / Employee of Green Movie studio (Milan/Italy).
Layout on the feature film "Johan Padan".
1998-2000 / Employee of ID Multimédia then Net Datis (Paris/France).
Conception, development of multimedia products (Web sites, corporate CD-Roms and interactive terminals). Artistic direction of the website Emmanuel Ungaro
Conception and development of the websites Torrente Couture ans Oscar de la Renta Parfums.
1997 / Employee of The Animation Band (Milan/Italy).
Check layout on the "Lupo Alberto & la fattoria McKenzie" TV serie (26x6’30").
1996-1997 / Employee of Studio Ellipse (Paris/France).
Layoutman on episodes 8 to 26 of the Blake et Mortimer (26x26’) and on the "Tex Avery Theatre" (4’ episodes) TV serie .
1994-1995 / Employee of the 2001 S.A. company (Antony/France).
Beta-testing of the TicTacToon software, demos in various shows (Imagina, Siggraph, G7, MIFA) and also in studios. Trainer of the future users, customers assistance, realisation of demo sequences and participation to various tests and productions made on t he software.
1994 / Employee of the Reflex Communication studio (Archamps/France).
Realisation of the 13’ cartoon "Samy et l’île maléfique" entirely with the TicTacToon software.
1991-1993 / Employee of the Crocodile studio (Chambéry/France).
Co-realisation of two corporate cartoons (3’30" and 2’) for the Société des Autroutes Paris-Rhin-Rhône (french motorway company). Conception and realisation of many video graphics, corporate illustrations and documents.
09/1991 / Animation teacher at the Nordland Videoverksted, video and animation school of Kabelvåg (Norway).
06/1990 / Teacher for a children workshop in Cakovec (former Yugoslavia).
1988-1990 / Voluntary, conscientious objector then employee at the Atelier de Cinéma d’Animation d’Annecy (France).
Teacher for children’s workshops and adult training courses. Experimentation of various animation techniques (cartoon, cut-outs, puppets and claymation, pixillation, pinscreen) and training on the technical aspects (shooting and editing in cinema and video).